Specialists in the
commercial application of
artificial intelligence


AI technology is breaking through into the mainstream. It is ready for commercial use, and it is going to change the way your business works.

Now is the time to look at how your organisation can use AI, and start putting those plans into action. Over the coming years, every industry will be disrupted and led by those who do.

Rewire has been established to provide the technical know-how, ingenuity and grit that organisations need to forge ahead in this extraordinary new world of opportunity. 

If you would like early access to our programme, please email enquiries@rewire.ai, or follow the link below.

In a world changing this fast, we know our clients and potential clients are going to need help…”

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AI-enabled products, services and marketing

Business automation and transformation

Financial services, energy, healthcare and HR

Social good and rapid knowledge growth initiatives



Rewire is global by default, at home wherever we are needed. Wherever the people, the problems, the challenges, the ideas are. And as part of the Loft Group, we also have a few bricks and mortar bases.




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